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I'm actually still not in any mood to RP. I just want to nab Kazooie before other*kazmun does and the ironic shock of my RP life hasn't worn off yet.

Now I have no choice but to fight these urges to app Kazooie in Smash. In the end this is a very good thing. I'm just not taking it well right now because I wanted this for so long.

Have fun with the role, Other*Kaz!
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On top of this paid SEQUENTIAL SERIES OF COMMISSIONS I was just hired to do, and Anime Expo/summer vacay coming up, and THE HIEX BUFFER I must whip up in the next month, I am considering to drop from sbg again. I was thinking of holding that off until I'm done with the mac/daisy logs, since I promised them logs. Definitely dropping by mid-june.

I think as long as I don't get myself into any shit, I can drop without anyone thinking it's because I'm butthurt over something related to the game, when the truth is, I haven't even been involved in sbg enough to know what's going on worth getting butthurt over.

I love you guys, I still love the game and hope we'll still stay in touch. It's just getting to a point in my life where SBG, as slow and dead as anons complain it is, is too overwhelming for me to keep up with. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK, CAMMI?
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I think I'm going to start using this account now. I'm actually indecisive right now between here and blogger on the fact that I haven't legitimately blogged anything in years. I used to go on these really long tangents about art, my decisions in life, what I think is cool, the fandom spheres, and other things. But recent years were spent on Tumblr, Plurk, and Twitter and it really shortened my attention span.

Blogger is where all the artists blog, but to this day, my 4-year-abandoned account still gets four spam comments a week and I don't really like using blogger, and I don't find tumblr a good medium for posting things that aren't graphics. That kind of leaves here and Livejournal, but on top of LJ continuing to fuck up (now I can't post comments on default layouts anymore), too many people have left LJ for a public blog to be worthwhile (my personal/locked one will remain on LJ until I'm the last of my friends standing, but I don't even use journals too much anymore anyway). Dreamwidth, on the other hand, not to sound offensive or anything, just rubs off on me as a supermassive collective of roleplayers, roleplay games and roleplay comms. This is nice for roleplaying and I am a casual roleplayer, but what could I hope to gain blogging about webcomics and indie art in a place where people are busy roleplaying? Plurk is also very RP-centric and I've learned from experience it's not very welcome to OC/comics chatter. Roleplay and Webcomics are two completely separate realms that are hard to intertwine because people only like one or the other. Surely, I can't talk about LJRP to my webcomic friends all the same. People roleplay homestuck and Gunnerkrigg, but those are fans of specific comics in the roleplay scene, not authors into the webcomics scene as a whole. It's a double life i simply must live with if I enjoy both of them enough.

I did stop complaining about that after just getting my fix hanging at the ComicFury forums, but this week activity is focused entirely of people each having their own thread saying "I WANT TO DRAW EVERYONE'S CHARACTERS" and I'm not a part of it as I don't feel like drawing everyone's characters.

I guess that's why I wound up with time to roleplay this week. I'm kind of falling behind on comics a bit, though, but I think discussions on activity checking and the personals posts is giving me motivation to work with leen again. Had I dropped on Monday like I was going to, I would have been regretting it right now.

If I'm still indecisive, maybe I'll just crosspost both here and Blogger. I should clean up the blogger.
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In due time, I will be using this as a personal hub of sorts. Until then, I'll mainly remain on Livejournal, but this account will be active to keep in touch with friends of mine who've moved to Dreamwidth.

All roleplaying matters will be hubbed at [profile] acolossalwasteoftime. I want to keep my webcomic/general internet life and my roleplay life as two separate things.
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Testing crosspost feature.
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Amazingly, a lot of this has actually changed since then.
There wont be too many reposts. Just the vital ones that dropped out of development.

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Old stuff (december 13th, 2007) that was in a livejournal I used to have

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