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adam sessler, arrogant boys, art, balthier, balthier cameos, balthier the leading man, banjo-kazooie, big red dk ties, billy and mandy, bowser's inside story, chowder, crash bandicoot, delita heiral, disgaea, excalibur, fawful, flcl, grabbed by the ghoulies, gurren lagaan, gurren lagann, house md, hypocracy, junpei iori, kamek, leen's howse!!1!, leon powalski, mung daal, naval piranha, neo cortex, nina cortex, nippon ichi, olive garden, oltl, paranoia agent, persona 3, pooberry pie, pretty boys, psychonauts, rareware, shin megami tensei, soul eater, starbucks, superstar saga, tetris attack, todd manning, x-play with adam sessler, xbox live, yoshi's island,
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