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Amazingly, a lot of this has actually changed since then.
There wont be too many reposts. Just the vital ones that dropped out of development.

ohmygods. original crap! D:

I'm on a writing kick for this stuff again. Of course, I'm also changing stuff around so the story I dug up last night will undergo a few tweaks. I decided not to scrap it after all, but I have to change the age range around since deciding Penny was going to be Katrina's amnesia-struck mother and Katrina herself should have an age difference from Genova or no more than two years.

And much thanks to Disgaea, as I've ended up with ideas for a bad ending to HiEx. I don't even know what the NORMAL ending's gonna be, but I'll be writing up an alternate one just to be fun.

But I'll stop here. I may write some things if i have the time and patience, but for now, here are the five main student profiles :D images are thumbed so they wont look retarded with the text. I'll make prettier pics in the future.

First up is Terrie. (constantly redesigned blue-haired chick) Whenever Genova's off in the shadows, she's pretty much the leading protagonist of the bunch. At first I was gonna make her a sassy goth but tomboy characters inspired me for otherwise. Not that she's anti-skirt or the such, but she's rather short and large clothes make her appear larger... as long as she avoids crowds. She's a first-year academy student who found her place in spa treatment innovations and studies under the assigned guidance of twin beauty professional Juniors. They get along... sorta okay, but Terrie gets nagged sometimes for not dressing a little prettier and sometimes even stealing the spotlight on their student spa service with her outgoing behavior.

Upon finding out the academy's famous project with Genova (and rooming with Katrina who already friended him), Terrie does her bouts of sneaking and spying around campus until actually finding and confronting him herself. Katrina eventually gets them to start communicating and things get dandy (unknown to the faculty, anyway). However, while things between Katrina and Geno were blissfully platonic, Terrie gets batshit obsessed (can you say lustfully?) over him, and Genova obliging to be the spa's secret client gets her to know him more personally (himself and the project) than Katrina would ever know.

Bodie's the oldest of the bunch and stays about as elusive as Genova himself, but he flaunts himself to be a game programming genius. He had older relatives that were once in the academy who were famous for the campus game production of "Walnut Saves Happyland" seven years ago. A sequel is in demand now and the guys left Bodie to be in charge of the project, but his team of designers want to make some huge changes and make the game darker and mature. The others (save for Von) easilly friended him for being a fun Otaku guy and they gather for gaming a lot, which brings Genova more out into the open and favored by other Otaku students for his closet love of RPGs. Geno and Kat are especially big fans of the last Walnut game.

He DOEs ask Genova and the girls for help running Walnut II, and in return, he lends them his hacking expertise to screw up the microchip implanted on Genova's shoulder so he wouldn't be traced with them when they leave the campus.

So then there's Von He was one of the main trio in HiEx's first comic attempts including Halloween Hoohahs, though I've worked on him a lot since. He's still a main character, but is rather distant from the others. As far as academic intelligence goes, he's a dumb shithead, but he's quite the gentleman and social whore, as much as he's easilly angered in a campus full of smartass geeks. He's studying "cyborg stuff" as he calls it, but his ignorance level has him paired up with Genova for nerve-popping tutoring sessions.

Secretly, he's the flamboyant son of the nearby city's mayor who vowed to learn what he needed to help someone very special to him back home, so he's very desparate. He cut his hair and shortened his name from "Giovanni" so nobody in the school would recognize him, but not many people really go outside much anyway, being nerds and all. As for Genova, he watches the news a lot and complains how the mayor's kid is a useless, pansy brat, but with how Von gets pissed everytime he hears it, Geno doesn't really glimpse at any similarities and for now finds them as two separate people.

The spa students love him, though~

And of course, Katrina. Visually and emotionally the bright and flowery type that emits smiles to everyone around her, but gets batshit determined and cunning as a big time gamer or whenever she's after something. She studies game development along with Bodie and is a tester for Walnut II. Genova became her first friend since entering the school when they kept passing each other coincidently and she finally asked him for help getting around campus. Since then she's always managed to make him smile with her positive attitude or something cute and funny, and has become something of a mother figure to him; always making sure he's alright and longing to show him the world outside the academy, where he's forbidden to go.

She's roomates with Terrie and their communication with Genova pulled them together into a mildly rocky but otherwise fine friendship where half the time they don't agree on things, but as long as they dont loathe or fight each other, Geno can rest easilly.

Lastly up for this post is Genova himself. He's known famously as the academy's first completely biological human creation, but aside one word out for the newspapers the day he came alive, all else about him was kept under wraps within the campus for the last 20 years. Rumor spread that he died, while his appearances around campus became a myth to most and a secret to the few that actually met him. These days his prescence is known to the campus but he never stopped or talked to anyone, being known as some mute, greyish pale, green-eyed, pointy-eared monster that roams the academy with glasses. Sometimes the faculty jokes about him being some kind of rock demon on the counts of his color and inability to feel pain unless medications were issued to get his nerves in order. He's not the perfect functioning life form so he gets his ass handed to him in medications all the time and everything down to his diet is extremely limited in fear of any side effects or weaknesses, so of course he's thin as hell for his tall height and everything fits loose on him without modifications. And originally, he vowed to stop talking except to one professor and later on to his new friends, as he learned that anything said would be used against him and since his voice changed, he didnt want it to be recognized.

His dream was always to leave the academy and stop living as an experiment analyzed every day, but being overly protected and microchipped at the shoulder (marked by a tattoo) with technology he can't crack prevents him from doing much of anything, and he was threatened that being too social with the students would sicken and maybe kill him. Bodie could only hack the tracking chip temporarily (lasting a day), but he and the girls work a side quest throughout the story to hopefully kill it for good, as anything was better than here.
Lastly about him, he keeps a diary that once belonged to a childhood friend named Penny, hoping to find her again someday.

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